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TGS Global Supports Client Development Differently

TGS Global is an international business network of independent firms specialising in business advisory, audit, tax, accounting and legal services. Since 2012, TGS Global has been ranked Top 20 among international networks. Our cross-border service offering, business approach and sector expertise is primarily designed to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises or organisations of equivalent scale. TGS Global offers access to the services and expertise of 3000 professional staff in 50 countries.

TGS A I T I A is a member of the TGS Global network, representing TGS Global exclusively in Hong Kong.  We share TGS Global value and vision and participate actively in all TGS Global activities including regional and annual conferences. TGS Global is an active group of like-minded professionals who strive for excellence in the work we do, and continuously looking for ways to improve on quality. TGS Global is more than a name. Members adopt stringent international standards in auditing and quality control standards. Each member firm goes through peer review procedures at admission and during the duration of their membership, so that high quality is maintained.

TGS Global and TGS A I T I A

We believe that TGS Global and TGS A I T I A are well prepared and positioned to capture the inevitable growing trend of international business development now and in the future.